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Our Team

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Dr. Mark Li, Head of teachers, Bachelor and Mater, School of Mathematics, Peking University; Ph.D. in Math, U of Toronto. He has won many provincial and national mathematics competition awards and won the silver medal of Chinese Mathematical Olympiad. Mark has 20 years of experience in mathematics teaching and tutoring for all levels, and was invited to teach math in the Summer School at Tsinghua University twice.

Dr. ZhongHu Yan is the author of Core English, which is the textbook he uses for his lessons. Dr. Yan got his Bachelor’s degree in English Literature at Zhejiang University; Master’s degree at Brown University and PhD at University of Toronto. He has sufficient English teaching experience. Dr. Yan used to teach English at Hangzhou Normal University, and he currently teaches Philosophy at University of Toronto.


Tom Wu is our Robotics/ Programming teacher. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Tom is a Cloud Architect, PaaS/Claud/Infra/DevOps consultant and DevOps promotor. Tom currently works in an investment bank as a Cloud Computing System builder. Tom is confident in his expertise and enthusiastic in teaching.


Emma Yu is our computer science / programming teacher. Emma studied computer science at University of Waterloo for her BA. Emma currently works at an American Financial Software company as a Senior Finance Software Consultant. She also had experiences working in Bloomberg, IDC, TMX and other companies. Emma is fully equipped with the expertise in computer science industry. She is passionate about delivering her knowledge to her students in a clear and organized teaching style.


Lei Duan is our programing teacher (especially in Java language). He studied in computer science at Tsinghua University. Lei has been working as a system developer at Bank of Montreal for ten years. Lei has also been the instructor of several computer science courses at University of Toronto during his study as a PhD student. Lei is passionate about and experienced in teaching; he pays a lot of attention on building students’ analytical and hands-on skills.


Sophia Wang is our English teacher at ICALC. She studied Language and Literacies at University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education for her MA. Sophia has sufficient teaching experience, including editing essays of senior high school students, and preparing them for all kinds of tests and exams. She is very responsible and passionate about teaching. Sophia is willing to share her knowledge and skills with her students so that students can further develop their potential abilities. Sophia can speak fluently in English, Mandarin and French. 


Ellie Leung is our English teacher at ICALC. She studies English and Professional Writing and Communication at University of Toronto. Ellie has published several books such as Tidal Pool Snack Shop: book of short stories published with Life Rattle Pres and The Bridge of Beyond: The Womb and its Pains in University of Toronto’s English Journal ‘With Caffeine and Careful Thought’. They are available on Amazon for sale. Ellie has enthusiasm in education. She is a responsible and diligent teacher.


Alex Li is our robotics / programming teacher at ICALC. He holds a master’s degree in computer science. Alex currently works as a full-time software engineer at Bank of Montreal. He has years of experience in software development. Alex is passionate about teaching.

Matt Yu teaches Scratch+Micro Bit at ICALC. He studied Engineering Science at University of Toronto for his BA. After that, he got his MA. Matt currently works as senior engineer at Rambus. He also has years of working experience at AMD. Matt cares about his students and he is very responsible in his teaching. He has rich teaching and training experiences.


Hannah Zhang is our Maths teacher at ICALC. She graduated from Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. She currently works as a high school Maths teacher. Hannah has sufficient teaching experiences. She is a loving, responsible and enthusiastic teacher.


Joey Zhou is our Maths teacher at ICALC. He studied at Peking University for his BA and at University of Birmingham for his MA. Joey achieved an outstanding score in Chinese National Mathematics Competition. He has years of experience as teaching assistant at universities. Joey has rich experiences in teaching Olympic Maths. He is passionate about education; he is a caring and responsible teacher.

Tayen Yu studied Mathematics and Statistics at University of Toronto for her BA. Tayen has strong expertise and experience in teaching. Tayen shows her enthusiasm in education through her patient, loving, and responsible teaching style. Tayen teaches maths in a way that students can easily understand maths concepts and be more motivated and confident in math learning.



Lingling Song is our Maths teacher. She studied Economics at Universities of Waterloo. Lingling holds Ontario teaching certificate. She has abundant teaching experience both in public high schools and in tutoring. Lingling is passionate about delivering her own knowledge to her students through her unique teaching style. She encourages students to take more challenges and helps them dig out their potentials. Lingling not only teaches her students knowledge, but she also builds good relationship with them.




    Developing and Promoting Interests; Cultivating and Improving Critical Thinking; Developing and Enhancing Skills; Improve Performances

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