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Math, Computer, English, French, Public Speaking, and more.

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Exceptional Teacher Force

Olympiad winners personally build a mathematical elite team to teach mathematics.

Enriched & Small Class

Quality small class teaching, ensure quality, teach students according to their aptitude

1-on-1 Meeting with Parents

A one-on-one meeting with the head of the family to assess classroom progress and homework.

Improve Performances

Work with parents to develop plans for learning improvement and homework customization.

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Schedule 2021 Summer

ICALC Learning Centre July. 5 - Aug. 28 2021 Summer Term Schedule    

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Schedule 2021 Spring

ICALC Learning Centre Feb. 6 - Jun. 26 2021 19-Week Schedule Special Offer: Early Bird:$50

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2020 Christmas Courses

ICALC is providing Intensive Math Contest Courses and 3D Animation Crash Course during the 2020

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 How our students and parents said about iCalc


“My son likes the place a lot. Thanks MR. Li, my son’s math improved dramatically over three months. This summer, he is also taking Scratch and Python with Emma, and we never saw he has such passion on any another classes. Thank you for providing these fabulous classes, our son is lucky to be taught by such caring and knowledgeable teachers in iCalc.


– Oooo L


“My 7 years old daughter has math, public speaking and scratch classes in this centre. she loves to stay with teachers, specially Mr. Li who is math teacher. I am highly recommend this learning centre to someone who really want to learn. nice teacher and nice place.


– Katie Y


“My daughter (grade 1) improved her English a lot after joining the public English Speaking. Now she loves reading and will writing a summary after a book. She loves 1. English first, 2. Scratching 3. Math (the first three are all from this center.) 4. piano 5. Skating, 6 Swimming, 7. painting… Dancing is 2nd last; Mandarin is last. I hope this center will have Fun and academic Mandarin classes for her too.

加入英语演讲课程后,我的女儿(一年级)提高了她的英语水平。现在她喜欢阅读,并会在一本书后写一篇摘要。 她喜欢1.英语课, 2. Scratch编程课,3. 数学课(前三个都来自这个学校。)4.钢课琴 5. 滑冰课,6游泳课7.绘画课,然后是跳舞课,普通话课是最后的。我希望这所学校也能为她提供有趣和专业的普通话课程。”

– James L