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About Us

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About Us

ICALC Learning Center is an international education and learning center founded by Christian scholars. We recruited an elite team of teachers who endeavours to foster academic and personal growth in our students. We provide quality tutoring for a range of subjects such as mathematics, computer, English and French.

We are willing to use many years of teaching experience to lead students of all ages. We use fun scientific methods to increase the learning aptitude of our students; we inspiringly develop our students to think smarter through love. Our students will develop their problem-solving skills through solid and systematic training methods. We are committed to guiding students to start from the essence of knowledge and to understand knowledge from depth and breadth.

Not only that, we will be imparting wisdom from Proverbs (from the Bible) to cultivate good and effective listening habits and a serious, diligent attitude in doing things. We encourage students to unite knowledge and action, develop good habits, and shape good characters. After the careful training of ICALC, the improvement of students’ school performance and the development of their abilities in all aspects are a matter of course for us.

Our vision:

Let every student love learning from the heart, be grateful for life, and give full play to the talents God has given them.

Our mission:

Through careful teaching and guidance, we are here to meet the learning needs of different students of all stages, so that students can learn things effectively improve their comprehensive ability, and make solid preparations for future academic and professional growth.