English Writing G6 - ICALC

English Writing G6

$998.00 / 28.5 hours

Quick Overview

We will review the basic grammar rules and apply conventions of standard English. Students will demonstrate clarity of language during their performance of writing.


The Reading & Writing course at ICALC is designed for students who enjoy writing as a form of art as well as who want to improve their writing skills. Students will read and discuss articles on the craft of writing. They will evaluate the effectiveness of various literary genres and engage in a series of writing workshops. In the end, students will familiarize themselves with different types of writing such as descriptive writing and persuasive writing. The course can also be viewed as a supplement for the English course at school.

We will be doing a reading class and a writing class alternatively each week.

During reading classes, we will be using the textbook Worldly Wise 3000. It focuses on vocabulary instruction, helping students build their vocabulary. Then there will also be a reading material each week to help students put vocabulary in context and apply the meanings.

During writing classes, we will be using two learning materials:  Daily 6-Trait Writing and Spectrum Writing. The teacher will prepare handouts for students. Students will explore 3 main topics of writing: writing a story, writing to inform, and writing an argument.